Brand Designer, Web Developer and Designer

Noah, a newly graduated 3D animator needed a professional branding package to make himself stand out to potential clients and agencies. Noah knew that he wanted his brand to be modern and clean, so working with that parameter, we designed a package that included a personal logo, business card, brand colors, and typography. His logo included a stylized version of his initials, “NI”, and hints at a 3D space while only being 2D, as 2D is more versatile, but gives him a better visual identity that is representative of his skill set and projected career.

Noah Ilbery's Brand Styles

Noah also needed a professional website to display his online portfolio. Noah wanted a website that could display his 3D models, youtube tutorials, and featured projects. With these needs at the forefront, we were able to create a responsive website that is modern, cleanly organized, and can be easily updated to display all of his current works and contact information.

Full view of homepage