Cascara Coffee Co.

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Cascara Coffe Company is a brand new, startup coffee roastery and cafe based out of Littleton, Colorado. Cascara prides itself on bringing high quality, ethically sourced coffee products to everyone from coffee enthusiasts to casual morning coffee drinkers. As of Feburary 2020, Cascara Coffee Company has opened its doors. Currently they provide six different coffee blends, coffee related gear and starter sets for anyone who might not already have a way to brew coffee, as well as roastery tours to those interested in learning more about not only the roasting process, but coffee history in general.

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As a new startup, Cascara Coffe Company was trying to build a brand. They wanted something clean, modern, and welcoming. As they were building their brand from the ground up, they needed a complete package, including the company logo, typeface, colors, branding, and website. While their local community has been overwhelmingly supportive of the new business, Cascara also wanted their company to continue growing, and they needed their website to showcase their products and enable online orders to be purchased and shipped to anywhere in the world. In addition to opening up their coffee products, the company also wanted to provide a place for people to ask questions and be able to contact them online. They also wanted to provide a service for wholesalers and needed that to be a feature of their website. The founder also was interested in starting a blog to highlight any news events from Cascara itself, and a place to share the companys thoughts on other coffee-related events happening around the world.

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Since Cascara did not yet have their own branding,the logo was the first thing created. Once complete, the logo influenced the color palette and Sen was chosen as the typeface because it was clean and modern while having a fun aspect to it that made it stand out from the standard geometric typeface. While the site is relatively minimal, subtle animations were added to give a fun approachable feeling to the site.

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This is a site for a fictional company used for educational purposes only.