My Story

Oh! you’re actually here? I didn’t think anyone actually read “about me” pages. Well, ok since your here I guess I can ramble on about myself for a bit. Well, as I mentioned before, I currently live in the Edwardsville area (which is on the Illinois-side of the St. Louis Metro east) and have lived in various parts of Illinois my entire life. In 2014, I married my best friend and while Illinois can be pretty, for us it isn’t very exciting, so we enjoy traveling. Since we got married, we have managed to visit 20 of the 50 US states and two foreign countries. We love to experience new things, people, food, and places. In 2017 we welcomed our son and have spent ever since learning how to be parents. Our son is energetic, curious, and gets into everything! He keeps us busy, that’s for sure.

In my spare time, you can typically find me on GitHub, contributing to various different projects. Most of my contributions are within the elementary OS community, where I am a part of the UX team. My main contributions come from designing icons, but I also contribute code or other things on occasion, and answer user questions when I can.

I enjoy playing video games- both new and old, console and PC. I also enjoy music. I learned to play guitar in high school, and have dabbled in many instruments like bass guitar, the mandolin, and the ukulele. Last year, I started learning Japanese, and my wife and I hope to visit Japan soon.

I first got into web design around 2010. I have a degree in IT, but I didn’t really enjoy the field. I figured out that I’d rather create things and design and code have really fit that bill nicely. I have been learning front-end web development for a few years now and it has become my passion. So far I’ve mainly stuck to the fundamentals with HTML, CSS, and a little vanilla Javascript. I have also worked with other technologies like SCSS, Gulp, Pug, a little bit of PHP, and for this site I used Jekyll and deployed on GitHub pages. That said I’m always excited and striving to learn new things. I hope to start really diving into more Javascript projects soon and would love to learn some JS frameworks too.